Monthly Archives: June 2014

Your airline ticket that you bought on the Web is as safe as houses – right?

The emergence of the Internet – or more precisely – the World Wide Web into the mainstream over the last decade has meant the role of the high street travel agent has changed irrevocably. Most Internet-savvy people now routinely go to the Web or an app on their smartphone to check out hotel and car hire prices, as well as… Read more »

Caller ID withheld? Don’t make me laugh…

Last month I discovered I’d lost my EHIC – European Health Insurance Card – whilst travelling through Manchester airport. I don’t know what happened – I think it left behind whilst I was I replacing my belt, shoes, jacket, wallet, mobile phone and other pretty pathetic stuff the public have to endure in the name of security whilst traversing the… Read more »

Android security: surviving the toxic hellstew

With an 87% global market share, it’s no wonder that Android devices are attracting malware authors like circling vultures – much to Apple’s delight. There’s a kind of hackers’ arms race going on as they compete to plant nastier and nastier bugs on Android phones. The latest arrival is ransomware, which infects and encrypts your files then (sometimes) releases your… Read more »

Contrarisk Security Podcast #0025: software vulnerabilities and change management

» Listen or download now on the podcast page » Software vulnerabilities Software flaws are at the root of many security exploits, and year after year we see the same old issues topping the OWASP top-ten, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). Are these really such hard problems to tackle? Or is the message just not getting through to… Read more »