ContraRisk Security Podcast 0016: DDoS and trust on the Internet

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Mick Ebsworth, Integralis

Mick Ebsworth, Integralis

People bank and shop online, but do they really trust the companies with which they are doing business? Research by Integralis suggests that they don’t. It found that around a quarter of people don’t trust any organisation to secure their personal information. Given that trust is an integral part of security on the Internet, this seems to suggest a strange disconnect. Why do people continue to do something they regard as risky?

Steve Mansfield-Devine spoke with Mick Ebsworth, information security consulting practice director at Integralis, who explained how this lack of confidence puts even greater responsibility on the part of online firms to secure data. Given that users already don’t trust them, a total loss of confidence is only a data breach away.

However, users also need to take responsibility for their own security, says Ebsworth. This is a message that many firms are failing to put across. So what are online service suppliers doing to raise awareness? Do too many companies see security as an internal issue, one that is dealt with technically, and so don’t engage enough with customers? Ebsworth explains the significant role that organisations can play in helping their customers become more secure, including looking at their own business processes.

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Etienne Greeff, SecureData

Etienne Greeff, SecureData

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are an increasing threat to all businesses as well as consumers. A recent high profile attack saw BitCoin becoming a victim to DDoS again. It was also reported that the largest ever DDoS attack directed at financial firm took place recently.

Tracey Caldwell spoke to Etienne Greeff of SecureData, who explained that the threats are increasing in size and scale. It seems the motives of DDoS attacks have moved beyond ‘bragging rights’ and are part of an increasingly sophisticated arsenal in the cyber underworld.

Worryingly for businesses, these attacks are becoming more indiscriminate. The reality is that, because these attacks can come from anywhere or anyone, it is something businesses large and small need to manage.

How do you make sure you are protected against the latest types of DDoS attacks? It is not all about technology. According to Greeff there are two types of enterprise, those that have suffered a security breach and those that don’t know it. He advocates a risk management approach, to identify the chinks in your business’ defence against DDoS.

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