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Have we created a monster?

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Recent reports that one part of the Russian security service has been driven to return to typewriters through fear of data leaks is a comic case of the world coming full circle for IT industry watchers of a certain age. Back in the day when the IBM PC was first launched and we all started on the path to consumerisation,… Read more »

The race for 4G heats up – thanks to the liberalisation of the wavebands

I managed to get my hands on one of the latest LTE (4G) portable modems from EE – the new name for the Orange and T-Mobile combination cellcos – and have been putting the Huawei 5776 unit through its paces. In an idle moment at the weekend I downloaded the technical specifications of the unit and nearly dropped my coffee,… Read more »

In The Year 2020

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I was talking to a colleague at a major ISP earlier this year about where the Internet is heading – and chatting about the topic of security in the Year 2020 – a topic that I’ve been talking to the Great and the Good in the IT industry about this last few months to great effect. And as you might… Read more »

ContraRisk Security Podcast 0016: DDoS and trust on the Internet

» Listen or download now on the podcasts page » People bank and shop online, but do they really trust the companies with which they are doing business? Research by Integralis suggests that they don’t. It found that around a quarter of people don’t trust any organisation to secure their personal information. Given that trust is an integral part of security… Read more »

Can’t get no satisfaction?

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Following last weekend’s Glastonbury Festival, many baby-boomer security professionals will be back at their desks buoyed by the performance of the Rolling Stones. The ageing rockers’ ability to win over a much younger audience with 70s classics like ‘Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ has in fact provided a lot of satisfaction to their peers that the older generation still have something… Read more »