ContraRisk Security Podcast 0005: #BlackHatEU – SQLi

The ContraRisk crew is in chilly Amsterdam for Black Hat Europe 2013. And to get our coverage of the event rolling, we start with an old favourite – SQL injection (SQLi).

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Sumit Siddarth

Sumit Siddarth

Sumit ‘sid’ Siddharth, head of penetration testing for 7Safe (now part of PA Consulting), is a regular at security conferences, running training sessions, and is a contributing author to the second edition of ‘SQL Injection:Attacks and Defense‘. He gave a course on SQL injection on the first training day of Black Hat Europe. And he explained to Steve Mansfield-Devine why SQLi is still with us after all these years, and why new exploits are appearing all the time. He also shares his feelings about the value of events like Black Hat, and the importance of the industry sharing information and insights. For those not lucky enough to catch his training session in Amsterdam, you’ll get another chance at Black Hat USA in Las Vegas.

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» The Art of Exploiting Injection Flaws – Black Hat USA, 29-30 July.

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