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It’s the software, stupid

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Apple’s solution to the Flashback trojan problem is an interesting one, even though I suspect it’s going to annoy some people. The firm has released three Java updates in rapid succession, none of which appear to fix the original flaw that made the Flashback trojan viable. But the third update did include a removal tool for known versions of the… Read more »

IT security? Never going to happen…

What will it take to make our information systems secure? The answer is simple: an alternative universe in which these systems aren’t designed and built by humans. Take a look around. What can you find that was made by a human and doesn’t contain flaws? Even in great works of art – a Rembrandt portrait or a Mahler symphony –… Read more »

Mac malware and missing the point

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And so, with Flashback, Mac users finally have a significant piece of malware to worry about. From the tech news sites, you’d think that the sky is falling for users of Apple’s OS X. And, as usual, they’ve completely missed a more significant point – about how malware is changing. I’ve seen one estimate that puts the number of Flashback… Read more »