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Network Security and Computer Fraud & Security are monthly, subscription-only professional journals published by Mark Allen Group and edited by Steve Mansfield-Devine.

We welcome contributions from people who have valuable knowledge to share – including researchers, academics, security practitioners, vendors, integrators, institutes, government departments, trade or technical bodies, consultants, analysts, penetration testers, ethical hackers etc.

We are always interested in articles that deal with trends, issues and technologies – the more detailed or technical the better.

The articles need to deal with very specific subjects – we don’t run pure opinion pieces. The copy must be vendor-neutral, with no mention of company or products, but the pieces are bylined with a photo of the author and a professional biography (up to 75 words) which can contain a link to the company or organisation.

As these journals are read by a wide range of infosec professionals and researchers, contributing presents an opportunity to raise your profile in this sector. All articles are also entered in Science Direct online database, used by professionals, researchers and academics as a key research resource and citation source.

Contributors with professional qualifications from bodies such as ISACA and (ISC)2 may also be able to claim CPE credits for their articles.

The articles must not have been published elsewhere (including the web) and we need first use rights.

Academics, students and doctoral candidates please note: Network Security and Computer Fraud & Security are NOT peer-reviewed journals. Please submit only one article at a time.

Precisely when the article will run depends on space and the mix of articles for each issue (eg, not having two cloud security pieces in the same issue). Lead times can be quite long.

We generally ask for a minimum of 1,500 words, but 2,000-3,000 is preferred and we can go up to around 4,500 words.

It’s also really helpful if you can supply illustrations – we like diagrams, charts and graphs which need to be high resolution (at least 1,000 pixels per side). We don’t use ‘conceptual’ images (and absolutely no pictures of ‘hackers’ in hoodies!).


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It’s important you read both the guides above to understand what we require in terms of submitted materials and formatting.

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All contributions require a signed copyright release (included in the Contributor’s Pack).

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