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Review: end-of-year roundup

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Janus Sportwool hoody

Since it’s the close of 2016, I thought I’d do a review of the winners and losers among the things I’ve bought this year and last. Being new to cycling, I made a lot of mistakes at first, but I quickly discovered that while price is generally (though not always) a guarantee of quality, good kit can be had at… Read more »

Sitting pretty

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Getting the saddle on a bicycle at the perfect height is absolutely critical. This is something I learned decades ago. But I’d forgotten just how much trial and error is involved. Everything starts with getting the correct frame size. I used various online calculators, all of which suggested a frame size of around 58cm. As the largest size available on the… Read more »

Review: Brooks B67s saddle

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Our Gitane bikes were supplied with a gel saddle by Kinetik, which is apparently beloved of French postal workers, but I had been eyeing the Brooks saddles for some time in any case. Sitting on the gel saddle of our stationary bike, during the long wait for the Gitane, was very uncomfortable. I’d also tried a gel saddle on my… Read more »