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As easy as…

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Well, I’ve had my new bike for four days now, and I can finally admit to myself that I like it. As excited as I was about getting the bike, I couldn’t rid myself of a lingering doubt that this just wasn’t going to work out. The three rides we made a little while ago on my old Peugeot didn’t… Read more »

Cycling at a certain age

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Okay, maybe it’s time to confess what this blog is really about. Trish and I are very excited about our bikes, and our rides, and even all the great stuff we’ve had an excuse to buy. But the truth is that a lot of the excitement stems from the realisation that we can ride at all. We’ve touched on this… Read more »

For the sake of argument

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As Homer Simpson once memorably said: “Facts are meaningless! You could use facts to prove anything…” And statistics, which are not necessarily the same thing. So one wanders into the whole helmet/no-helmet debate with some trepidation. And yet here I am… The problem with this discussion – as with so many on the interwebs – is that, sooner or later,… Read more »