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There’s a lot of it about

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Data is a dangerous thing, and so-called Big Data even more so. But even where the figures are untrustworthy, the underlying message they tell can be interesting. One of the chief attractions of the Strava smartphone app – at least for some people – is its ability to share data. Personally, I’d use the term ‘over-share’, but some people seem… Read more »

Review: Gitane Organ e-bike

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It’s now two weeks since I got my bike, so I feel comfortable at giving it a first review. I’ve ridden it on the Vélo Francette greenway, the Véloscénie and various other voies vertes around here, and on country lanes around my home – the kind of riding that I’ll typically be doing on it, and my journeys have graduated… Read more »

Maybe there’s no app for that

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Okay, it’s true, I’m a geek. Whenever I take up any new hobby – whether it’s flying or cycling or watching movies (yes, dammit, that counts as a hobby), my first thought is, what software do I need for this? It was inevitable both that I would get a cycling app for my iPhone and that there would be such an… Read more »