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Carpe diem

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The day started very dull and with my head buried in work I hadn’t noticed it getting better. Until, that is, the More Significant Other announced, “I’m going for a ride.” I may have muttered something like, “It’s alright for some” – quietly, and only once she was well out of range – then got back to subbing copy about network vulnerabilities… Read more »

Very slow cycling

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We’d meant to go cycling on Christmas Day. Or Boxing Day. But the weather gods had other ideas. And so the New Year came and I was itching to try out my new GoPro (thanks, Santa). Finally, half-way into January, we headed off to ride the Vélo Francette from Domfront. We’ve ridden this route before, although I was on my… Read more »

Pedal power

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Well, it had to happen sometime… Last Sunday, we decided to take the boys for a ride down the voie verte. We strapped on our panniers, loaded the Doggyhut, got Zola into his coat, and made sure we had snacks and drinks and dog treats. We headed for the usual parking space, only to find that the voie was closed for… Read more »

Making the effort

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Sometimes you look out at the sky and think, ‘nah, I’ll skip it today, it’s too grey’. As someone who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of idleness, I find this kind of argument highly persuasive. Today was an example of why I shouldn’t. We decided to ride one of our favourite sections of the Veloscénie voie verte – one… Read more »

Autumn rides

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We’ve been blessed with amazing weather lately, considering it’s nearly November. September was a mostly dry month, as was October, and temperatures have been frankly balmy, which has meant we now have some fabulous autumn colours. Riding around the nearby lanes, I vary my journey each day to take in as many views, hills, valleys and bits of bocage as… Read more »

Flat, out

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Oh well, it had to happen sometime – I just got my first flat. Of course, I didn’t have any sort of repair kit with me, and even if I had, I wouldn’t have known what to do with it. The idea of our rides is that we’ll do them together, so Steve has the repair kit and tools, but… Read more »

Feeling the fear

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I broke through a barrier yesterday – I used my bike for actual transport for the first time. Until today, my riding has consisted entirely of recreational cycling. I’ve cycled down the voies vertes for fun, and on the local lanes for the same reason. Yesterday, however, I headed for a friend’s house to deliver apples and pick grapes – an… Read more »

Moving meditation

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  Before the clocks go back and our evenings disappear, I’ve been taking advantage of the wonderful autumn weather to enjoy some evening rides. It’s been eye-opening for me, going around by bike again after so many years. Since I moved to France in 1996, I’ve experienced the lanes around our home only in a car or on foot. In a car, you’re… Read more »

Out with the boys

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I love riding down the voies vertes with the dogs. In fact, any outing is made more pleasurable by their company as you watch them discover things you hadn’t seen. But it does make for some complicated cycling. We made a short, 6km (each way) jaunt down a section of the Véloscénie today. We’d previously walked a small section of… Read more »

Ride report: Vélo Francette – Domfront to Forge de Varenne

The recently inaugurated Vélo Francette (VF) cycle route runs from Ouistreham (that’s the port at Caen to most travellers) to La Rochelle – a distance of over 600km. Our ambition on this ride was somewhat more modest. There’s a stretch of the VF that runs south from Flers to our local town of Domfront, which is where we started. It’s… Read more »

Lessons learned

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So, yesterday we tried out both the e-bike and the Doggyhut for the first time. For our first ride out, we chose the usual route where we walk the dogs on the voie verte. Normally we join at a certain point and turn either right or left, walk about 2.5km and turn round and come back. We figured that for cycling,… Read more »