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Review: Karrimor high-vis running fleece

This pink half-zip fleece from Karrimor has no pretensions to be cycling gear, but is actually designed for runners. However, of all the Karrimor products I ordered in the firm’s end-of-line cheap as chips sale, this is my favourite. It’s a pretty colour, really quite high-vis, with a softshell-type smooth outer surface and a lovely soft inside surface, thumbholes, reflective details, zipped… Read more »

Review: Brooks B67s saddle

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Our Gitane bikes were supplied with a gel saddle by Kinetik, which is apparently beloved of French postal workers, but I had been eyeing the Brooks saddles for some time in any case. Sitting on the gel saddle of our stationary bike, during the long wait for the Gitane, was very uncomfortable. I’d also tried a gel saddle on my… Read more »

A stressful ride

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My daily ride around the neighbourhood wasn’t over-pleasant yesterday. Although there is little traffic around us, and in general I have found French drivers very courteous (their presumed liability probably helps here), I am still very nervous about traffic and yesterday I found it all a bit much. In an hour or so (just over 15km), I normally encounter two… Read more »

Some thoughts on a recent trip

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Our trip down the vélo francette last Wednesday was truly lovely. It was such a beautiful September day – 19 degrees, dry and sunny. As Steve mentioned, I was towing Zola and because of that I found myself using the assist more than normal. The slight upward gradient of the old railway line was quite noticeable when towing a 15kg trailer with… Read more »

Lessons learned

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So, yesterday we tried out both the e-bike and the Doggyhut for the first time. For our first ride out, we chose the usual route where we walk the dogs on the voie verte. Normally we join at a certain point and turn either right or left, walk about 2.5km and turn round and come back. We figured that for cycling,… Read more »

Changed expectations

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It’s funny in a way to see how this cycling business is burgeoning out of control. Only a couple of months ago I was wincing at spending 45 euros on a second-hand cross-country bike, and now we’re into it to the tune of several thousand euros for two e-bikes and all the kit. Well, this is what happens when the… Read more »

Review: Sheila Moon winter cycling tights and skort

It was a case of mixed fortunes when I first hit upon Sheila Moon cycling apparel. Finding her was the good bit – not so good was the fact that she had decided to close her company literally the week before, after 18 years in business. The thing that attracted me to the Sheila Moon designs was the yoga-style crossover… Read more »


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While we continue with the seemingly endless wait for our new bikes, I notice that as a driver, I’m becoming much more aware of cyclists and their visibility. Often, it leaves a lot to be desired. It’s been cycling season here in France – the time when seemingly every local man, young or old, hauls himself into lycra and a… Read more »