Reviewing products

As professional journalists, we have a lot of experience of reviewing products. So we’re happy to review anything cycling-related. In fact, we already run frequent reviews – mostly of products we’ve bought ourselves. If you’ve got something you think we should write about, by all means send it over. But there are some provisos:

  • Other than in exceptional circumstances, the products won’t be returned. It’s not that we’re greedy – it’s just that it’s too much hassle.
  • The review will be written only after we’ve used the product for sufficient time – don’t necessarily expect a quick response.
  • We will say what we think. Please don’t confuse ‘reviewing’ with ‘sponsorship’. We’ll be honest but fair (which might include contacting the provider to check that any issues we’ve encountered aren’t just a one-off or a misunderstanding).
  • We will not accept payment for reviews. We don’t run advertorial or sponsored posts.

So, if you’re a manufacturer, distributor or vendor and haven’t been frightened off by the above, feel free to use the form below to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.