We’re unfit, over-stuffed and on the wrong side of middle-aged, and yet we decided to take up cycling.

How is that even possible? In one word, e-bikes.

Electric bikes have been a revelation to us – all the fun of cycling without (some) of the effort. Even though we’re suffering the ravages of age – with medical conditions and a healthy contempt for concerns about ‘fitness’ and ‘performance’ – we can still use bicycles for transport and for fun. Our e-bikes have enriched our lives, and so we started this blog to tell you about it.

So who are we?

Trish is a freelance writer, blogger and obsessive kimono collector. As a journalist, she specialises in the beauty, cosmetics & fragrance industries and ethical business practices. She is writing a book about kimono. And she has written a cookbook for people on a limited budget, Make Do & Cook.

Steve is a freelance journalist, author and photographer. As a journalist, he specialises in cyber-security and is the editor of two technical journals. As a photographer, he mostly concentrates on landscapes and travel – you can see his online portfolio at Zolachrome.com. He is the author/photographer of three aviation photo books, and the author of two satirical novels, Lady Caine and Black Project.

We have nearly 60 years of journalism experience between us, which includes a lot of product reviewing – so if you have something you’d like us to test and write about, please get in touch.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also run a small, web-based publishing operation, Webvivant Press.