Review: Medipure medicated body powder

As all cyclists know, a good dusting powder is a must to keep yourself dry and chafe-free after a ride. I’d been using Gold Bond, which I do think is fabulous, but it’s terribly expensive to buy in Europe. Then I came across Medipure.

Medipure is based on corn starch rather than talc – nice for those who prefer to avoid the latter – and also contains magnesium stearate, zinc oxide, silica, menthol, methylparaben, eucalyptol, camphor and aloe. It has a faint medicated smell and a powdery, slightly gritty texture rather than the silky feel of Gold Bond.

While I don’t like it as much as the talc-based Gold Bond, it is also a lot less tingly, and above all, it’s as cheap as chips, so you can splash it around plentifully. Available from many stockists, including Amazon and Superdrug for as little as £1 a tin.

Medipure Medicated Body Powder: ****

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