Summer cycling

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I’ve been riding a lot over the course of the summer, but not posting – just haven’t got round to it. But it’s  been a lovely time and I’ve discovered some gorgeous little byways and sights along the way.

It’s been between 28 and 36 degrees and sunny, so having enough water is important. I tend to take a 600ml bottle, a small fruit juice and a snack for a two-hour ride. And the right gear has helped a lot. Each morning I’ve set out, clad in lingerie shorts, skorts, dresses and shimmels from Sheila Moon, which have proved the perfect garments – for instance, the keyhole design on the cycling dress allows you to sweat and cool freely: I really noticed the difference when I switched back to a t-shirt when my frock was in the wash. What a shame this company closed its doors – a fuller review later.

One thing I did forget to do was to put sunblock on my knees, because I normally wear knickers or tights rather than shorts, so this part of my body is normally covered.  Haven’t had sunburned knees since I was a kid. Otherwise I was slathered in Actinica Daylong, which has a factor so high it’s not even listed (dermatologist’s orders due to my pasty Irish heritage) and the only result has been light freckling.

Sometimes Steve came with me, and sometimes not, but these pix should give a flavour of our rides. We are very lucky to be able to cycle daily in such a beautiful place – all these rides started at the house and are within a few miles of home.


20160815-0010 20160711-0026 mantilly-chapel-6 mantilly-sign mantilly 20160527-0028 20160528-0018 20160528-0022

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