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One of the great things about the days getting longer is that, even after a full day’s work (or as close to that as I ever get these days) there’s still time to ride.


Of course, having slaved over a hot word processor all day, you’d think that I’d be too tired to go cycling. And you’d be right, except for one thing – that 250W of raw electric power nestled in the front wheel.

E-bikes eliminate many of the excuses you might otherwise make for not riding. Not that I don’t have a few left – my joints, the weather, having to wash (what’s left) of my hair. But compared to when I owned one of those old-fashioned, non-electric bikes, it’s really hard to make a case for not cycling.

And so off we set (the day before yesterday – our Internet’s been out, which is another story you don’t want to hear). I thought it would be a short ride, for me anyway. But it was such beautiful spring weather that neither one of us wanted to stop. Trish took us on a tour of the local villages. At one point, we diverted down a road just to pass this beautiful old mill, with its ruined bridge.


It’s nestled at the bottom of a steep-sided valley. We cycled past it, up the hill the other side, then turned around. That meant we got to scream down both sides of the valley, crossing the river twice.


Image Copyright © Steve Mansfield-Devine. All rights reserved. Plus Registry 01-AA-660.I couldn’t resist stopping to take pictures, the light was so brilliant and dazzling.

Of course, by stopping at the bottom of the valley, I squandered all that energy, that momentum, built up by the 44kph freewheel down the slope. But on e-bikes you can do that kind of thing without concern.

While there are hills that make you work, we’ve not yet met one that was daunting. You never face the situation of thinking, “I can’t stop now because I’ll never get going again.”

And that’s wonderful because it means we can take full advantage of the bikes – properly enjoy the benefits for which we bought them. And those aren’t fitness or transport but as a means to enjoy the landscape in which we’re lucky to live.

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