Back in the saddle

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20160125-0016I’m finally back in the saddle. I hope. God knows, it took long enough. It was on 8 December that I got my tailbone injury, and although I tried to cycle again some three weeks later, that was a big mistake and set me back quite a bit.

Just as I thought I was out of the woods, and did a great 16km ride on 4 January, I came down splat with a cold and was sick as a dog for a couple of weeks, then feeble as a kitten for a week more, though the DH and I did manage a 16km ride down the Vélo Francette in the last of the snow, last weekend.

How nowBut today, with the temperatures rising again and the sun shining, I decided to get back into my daily routine. It was beautiful out there, with all the fields full of muddy cows and growing wheat, and after the first kilometre or so, I began to relax into it.

I did 20km, up hill and down dale, and now I’m knackered. Maybe I should have eased in a bit more, but I was just so glad to be out and about again.  Fingers crossed.

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