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20140802-0007-2-500pxHow long have I been a photographer? If you count from the time my mates and I set up the school darkroom (including making the enlarger from a biscuit tin and salvaged lens – I’m not making this up) it’s more than 40 years.

There have been periods of my life when I’d get twitchy if separated from a camera for more than a few minutes.

So why do I think it’s okay to go out cycling without one?

After about a week of too much work and vertigo, I finally got back on the bike today. Trish stayed at home nursing her bruised tailbone, so it was just me. I figured it would be a five-minute ride, what with still being a bit dizzy. And the sky was a uniform dull grey. So not much point taking the camera, right?


As it turned out, I was fine on the bike. The dizziness disappeared quickly. (I have a theory about this – but that’s for some other time.) So I headed off for the local town where our writers group has its monthly meeting. Trish & I are planning to cycle to it in the future, so I thought I’d recce the ride. Weirdly, it seems a lot further in the car. It’s just 8km (okay, 8.14km according to my bike computer, in case you’re into pseudo-precision). I was there in no time.

An orchard on the wibbly-wobbly road.

An orchard on the wibbly-wobbly road.

On the way back, I took the more scenic route – the one the More Significant Other likes to call the ‘wibbly-wobbly’ road. It’s a narrow lane that twists, dips and rises through orchards, fields and woodland. In the car it seems a lot further than the ‘straight’ route. And it is – about 100m further, according to the computer.


During the ride, the clouds thinned and blue streaks appeared. There was a gentle haze across the landscape. It was, in short, beautiful.

And yes, technically I did have a camera with me – my iPhone. But its fixed lens, tiny sensor and Jpeg compression don’t make for great images.


I saw so many shots I would have loved to capture if only I’d had the Nikon with me. Oh well, that’ll teach me … perhaps.

2 thoughts on “Always carry a camera

  1. maylin

    Were those taken with your phone? I love the colours in the sky in the middle one. I sould love to reproduse that in yarn.

    1. Steve Post author

      Yes, those were shot on the iPhone 5. It tries bravely to produce good results. It’s sharp, but the Jpeg compression can be savage and it has a penchant for burned-out highlights. Still, when it’s the only camera you’ve got on you…


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