Finistère Insolite: beautiful landscape photography

Finistere Insolite: book

Finistère Insolite, available now in paperback, celebrates the beauty and wildness of the most spectacular region of Brittany, France.

The 113 photographs – mostly in colour plus some in rich black & white – explore the untamed rawness of the terrain while also finding moments of great serenity and tranquility. And they examine the scale of the environment and our place in it.

Signed copies of the book are available direct from the photographer.

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Exhibition: L’Esprit Insolite

22 July/Juillet — 6 August/Août

Casino de Bagnoles de l’Orne


Free admission / Entrée gratuite.

L’Esprit Insolite is a joint show featuring my landscape images as large (120cm-wide) prints on fabric alongside the sculptures and 3D work of artist Sue Riley.

Un exposition de sculptures et oeuvres 3D par Sue Riley et des photographies de paysage par Steve Mansfield-Devine.